I almost forgot to say, welcome to the Tuskfish CMS Project. It started as a personal project that I created to solve a number of problems I was having at work revolving around ever-increasing maintenance overheads and ever-decreasing free time. I needed a robust and flexible but low-maintenance solution for web publishing, and here it is. Kinda growing...

The Tuskfish API is now available as an online reference developed with ApiGen. Every class and method is documented and an explanation of its function and operation provided. This is the first version of the API reference and there is still room for improvement, but it will improve with time. The API will be updated alongside every release of the project.

This guide will give you an overview of the architecture of Tuskfish CMS, how to write code to perform common operations and how to extend the system to suit yourself. The guide accompanies theĀ Tuskfish API documentation. Keep a copy handy as you read this guide. It is best to review links to the API where provided, as not every detail will be discussed in the text. This is the first version of the guide, so it is still a work in progress.

The user manual provides a comprehensive guide to Tuskfish CMS operations. It covers all all aspects from installation to adding and curating content, managing site security and customisation of themes. For additional information on how to customise Tuskfish please see the developer guide.