Tuskfish CMS

The tools that you need. Nothing that you don't.

A micro CMS

Make your own websites.

Tuskfish is a free software tool for creating websites. It is fast, easy to use and simple to maintain.


Publish blogs, photo galleries, libraries & podcasts. Organise content with tags and collections.


Mobile-first themes via Bootstrap 4. Automatic image scaling and caching.


A small, modern code base with the speed advantage of PHP 7.

Advanced SEO

Customise meta tags and URLs for every piece of content on your site.

Easy development

Looking for the manual?

We have a User Manual and Developer Guide. Every class and method is documented in the API Reference.

1  /**
2   * Get a list of tags actually in use by
3   * other content objects, optionally filtered
4   * by type.
5   *
6   * Used primarily to build select box
7   * controls. Use $online_only to select only
8   * those tags that are marked as online (true),
9   * or all tags (false).
11  * @param string $type Type of content object.
12  * @param bool $online_only True if online.
13  * @return array|bool Tag list | false (empty).
14  */

“A small, modern code base that is easy to understand and maintain.”

PHP 7, HTML5 and SQLite 3