Tuskfish CMS User Manual

10 February 2018 | 346 views | Tags: Documentation


About Tuskfish CMS

Setting up your site

Adding and managing content

Organising content with tags and collections

Themes and templates

Site structure


Advanced topics

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In this collection

How to create content blocks

Instructions on creating and displaying blocks of content in Tuskfish CMS.

Adding, editing and deleting content

Instructions on how to add, edit and delete your content in Tuskfish CMS.

Customising the home page (moving your content stream to another page)

Instructions on how to move your content stream to a different page in Tuskfish CMS.


A guide to installing Tuskfish CMS.

Securing your new website

Instructions on securing a new installation of Tuskfish CMS.

How to adapt a third-party Bootstrap template for use with Tuskfish

Instructions on how to port a Bootstrap theme to Tuskfish CMS.

How to assign variables to a template

Instructions on assigning data to templates for display.

Creating custom favicons

How to generate custom favicons and logos for your site.

Creating website sections

Instructions on how to create sections within your Tuskfish CMS website.

Password reset

Instructions on how to reset your password if locked out of Tuskfish CMS.