Handles page-level caching operations.
Controller for displaying the content administration interface.
Controller for editing content objects.
Controller for streaming file attachments (enclosures).
Controller for displaying an image gallery.
Controller for listing content objects.
Generates route objects relevant to incoming requests.
Controller for the search route.
Represents a single content object.
Model for admin interface operations.
Model for editing content objects.
Model for streaming file attachments (enclosures).
Model for listing content objects.
Model for generating RSS feeds from content objects.
Model for searching content objects.
Provides definition of permitted content object types.
ViewModel for admin interface operations.
ViewModel for conducting admin-side free text searches on content objects.
ViewModel for editing content objects.
ViewModel for streaming file attachments (enclosures).
ViewModel for displaying an image gallery.
ViewModel for displaying a list of content objects.
ViewModel for displaying RSS feeds from content objects.
ViewModel for free text searches of content objects.
Controller for cache operations.
Controller for displaying error messages.
Controller for logging in.
Controller for logging out.
Controller for changing the admin password.
Controller for editing preferences.
Controller for viewing a list of preferences.
Controller for two-factor login with a Yubikey hardware token.
Sets conditions on database queries, used to compose a query.
Factory for instantiating Criteria objects and injecting dependencies.
Represents a single clause in the WHERE component of a database query.
Tuskfish database handler class, implements \PDO and exclusively uses prepared statements.
Provides site-level metadata that can be overriden by a particular page.
Holds Tuskfish site configuration (preference) data.
Used to hold variables that will be inserted into templates, and to render templates for display.
Provides methods for handling common file operations.
Top level controller that handles incoming requests and oversees the page generation life cycle.
Provides a custom error handler which writes to a logfile.
Model for handling cache operations.
Model for displaying error messages.
Model for logging in.
Model for changing the administrative password.
Read and write site preferences to the database.
Model for two-factor login with Yubikey hardware token.
Generates pagination controls for paging through content.
Holds classnames of components required to meet the present routing request (model-view-viewModel-controller).
Generates route objects containing MVVM component class names relevant to incoming requests.
Provides functions for managing user sessions in a security-conscious manner.
Validate that email address conforms to specification.
Includes HTMLPurifier library. Use sparingly as it requires significant resources.
Validate and range check integers.
Provides common access to system languages.
Provides standard implementation for common parts of the Listable interface (excepting pagination and setMetadata()).
Adds support for HTML meta properties to object.
Provides a list of common (permitted) mimetypes for file uploads.
Resize and cache copies of image files to allow them to be used at different sizes in templates.
Provides a common list of intellectual property rights licenses.
Provide a list of states ("countries") and dependent territories as recognised by the UN (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2).
Add tag support to an object, typically an entity.
Manage object-tag associations via taglinks.
Read the tags associated with an object, typically an entity.
Provides an array of time zones.
Validates that a filename or path does NOT contain directory traversals in any form.
Validate that a URL meets the specification.
Provides methods for validating UTF-8 character encoding and string composition.
Provides method for validating cross-site request forgery tokens.
Provides standard implementation for the Viewable interface.
Build and manipulate a tree representing hierarchical relationships between objects.
ViewModel for handling cache operations.
ViewModel for displaying error messages.
Interface that ensures compliance with \Tfish\View\Listing.
ViewModel for logging in.
ViewModel for changing the administrative password.
ViewModel for editing site preferences.
ViewModel for displaying a list of site preferences.
ViewModel for displaying token errors.
Interface that ensures compliance with \Tfish\View\Single.
ViewModel for two-factor authentication with Yubikey hardware token.
Represents a view of a list of objects.
Represents a view of a single object or static page.