Provides definition of permitted content object types.
Validate that email address conforms to specification.
Includes HTMLPurifier library. Use sparingly as it requires significant resources.
Validate and range check integers.
Provides common access to system languages.
Provides standard implementation for common parts of the Listable interface (excepting pagination and setMetadata()).
Adds support for HTML meta properties to object.
Provides a list of common (permitted) mimetypes for file uploads.
Resize and cache copies of image files to allow them to be used at different sizes in templates.
Provides a common list of intellectual property rights licenses.
Provide a list of states ("countries") and dependent territories as recognised by the UN (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2).
Add tag support to an object, typically an entity.
Manage object-tag associations via taglinks.
Read the tags associated with an object, typically an entity.
Provides an array of time zones.
Validates that a filename or path does NOT contain directory traversals in any form.
Validate that a URL meets the specification.
Provides methods for validating UTF-8 character encoding and string composition.
Provides method for validating cross-site request forgery tokens.
Provides standard implementation for the Viewable interface.