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Tech notes

Random IT tests, fixes and and findings that might help others.

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Mapping demo: Batemans Bay to Canberra GPS track

A demonstration of Tuskfish's mapping capabilities. This track was recorded on my Garmin Forerunner 245 watch, as I drove back from Batemans Bay on the south coast to Canberra. The map is automatically generated from an exported .kml file of the track, which Google Maps can put bounds around. The tracks are downloadable so others can use them on their own devices if they wish. You can also prepare maps in Google Earth or Google Maps itself.

How to setup SSL for Apache2 in a Docker container

TLDR: You can't, unless you run the container as root, which you should not do. That's why you're having so much trouble finding a working example with a non-root user. Even the official docs example doesn't set a user...which means the container will default to running as root.

Why? SSL certificates are owned by root. For security reasons, Docker containers should be run as an unprivileged (non-root) user. This means that your Apache container cannot access the SSL certificates. At least, not unless you run the container as root, or change ownership of the files to grant your webserver access, which are bad ideas.

But I have a solution!

How to find the path to php.ini

php --ini

You're welcome.

How to ignore local changes to configuration files in git

When developing a project you need to be able to run it in order to test it. But you don't want local changes to the configuration files to be committed. Most 'solutions' to this problem suggest untracking (removing) it from the repository. But if you want to keep the file in your project, then use:

git update-index --skip-worktree filenameOrPath

This keeps the file in the respository, but lets you change your local copy freely without including changes in commits.

Fixing Elgato Facecam exposure problems

The automatic exposure settings on the Elgato Facecam are terrible, but you can fix it.

How to prevent burn-in on your Elgato Stream Deck

Use minimum brightness, a short 'Sleep After' period and a fully black screensaver image to protect your keys (image provided).

OBS: Fixing the GoPro Hero 9 webcam problems

One of the cool new features of the GoPro Hero 9 is that you can use it as a 1080p webcam. Sadly, the out-of-the-box experience is glitchy and way too unreliable to use for a serious project, but you can fix it with the right setup and more $$. TLDR: Get the media mod and use the HDMI port for better output, take the battery out and power directly through USB to prevent unwanted shutdowns, and use OBS studio to resolve audio/video syncronisation issues.

All-in-one (AIO) liquid coolers suitable for the Coolermaster H500M case

TLDR: The Coolermaster H500M case supports up to a 240 mm radiator in top-mount position and up to 360 mm in front-mount position, but a front-mounted 280mm radiator is probably the best option for an AIO system.