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Useful tools and resources


I have found the following tools to be very useful while developing Tuskfish:

  • Evernote: Was truly useful in tracking my project development and writing the documentation for it. There's a lot of note taking applications out there, but only Evernote does a good job of syncing across multiple machines and mobile devices.
  • DB Browser for SQLite: A desktop GUI programme for viewing and manipulating SQLite databases, it's great.
  • Death To The Stock Photo: Send you nice some stock photos each month, which you are allowed to use in your own projects and products. They also have a paid premium service.
  • A free site that will generate a suite of favicons and supporting code for the main operating systems, from a sample file. Also provides a good explanation and advice on the subject.


I found a few sites particularly useful in understanding some of the nitty-gritty detail of the internet:

  • (The only proper) PDO tutorial: Given how important PDO is you'd think it would be well documented, wouldn't you? Nope. This site is essential reading if you want to use PDO. And I do mean essential.
  • The Hitchiker's Guide to SQL Injection Prevention: I found this greatly clarifying. Basically, the zillions of byzantine SQL injection attacks breathlessly described in confounding detail have only one simple root cause: Improperly formatted queries. Yes, it really is that simple. Now that you know, you can actually fix it.
  • What every developer should know about URLs: Everything you instinctively knew and some things didn't, written down in a clear manner.

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Tuskfish CMS Developer Guide

This guide will give you an overview of the architecture of Tuskfish CMS, how to write code to perform common operations and how to extend the system to suit yourself. The guide accompanies theĀ Tuskfish API documentation. Keep a copy handy as you read this guide. It is best to review links to the API where provided, as not every detail will be discussed in the text. This is the first version of the guide, so it is still a work in progress.