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Manually editing your SQLite database

Occasionally you may find it useful to be able to manually edit your database, for example to run custom queries, correct a site-wide spelling error, add a Yubikey ID, reset a forgotton password hash or to compact the database.

I recommend that you try DB Browser for SQLite, which is a nice GUI program that makes your database internals easily acessible. You must download the database and edit it manually, before re-uploading the modified copy. Don't forget to backup a copy of the original before you start editing it!

Alternatively you could use PHPLiteAdmin, which provides a web-based interface for interacting with your database. It’s very similar to PHPMyAdmin. Download it and drop it into your /admin directory. Some minor configuration is necessary, but instructions are provided as comments in the script.

If you use PHPLiteAdmin, ensure that you use a strong password when you are setting up the configuration file. Actually, it is not a good idea to leave the script sitting around on your site. When not in use, move the script to your trust_path folder so that it can’t be accessed via browser, or keep it on your local machine and upload it when required (and remove it when done).

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Tuskfish CMS User Manual

The user manual provides a comprehensive guide to Tuskfish CMS operations. It covers all all aspects from installation to adding and curating content, managing site security and customisation of themes. For additional information on how to customise Tuskfish please see the developer guide.