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Tuskfish 2.0.6 released

Tuskfish 2.0.6 introduces automatic content expiry and sitemap update via cron job. When creating content, you can optionally set a date for it to de-publish. There have been a few updates to third party libraries a few bugfixes. Download it here:

New features

  • Content expiry has been implemented via a script that should be run once per day (midnight) via cron job. Expired content is marked offline and the cache is rebuilt to update pagination links. If expired content is marked back online the expiry date will be automatically cleared. Instructions on setting up the cron job are included in the file trust_path/cron/expiresOn.php
  • Added some security-related headers (X-Content-Type-Options, X-XSS-Protection, Content-SecurityPolicy, X-Frame-Options), see header.php for details.

Updated libraries

  • jQuery 3.7.0
  • FontAwesome 6.4.0
  • TinyMCE 6.4.2


  • Fixed custom RSS error if feed ID empty.
  • Disabled the strict-transport-security header by default, as it creates errors during installation if a TLS certificate is not yet installed. Uncomment it in header.php to enable.
  • Allow indexing of soft 404 and enclosure links.


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