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Translating Tuskfish to another language (v2)

At present the default installation of Tuskfish is only available in English (Thai is on the way) but this is easy to fix:

  • Make a copy of the file trust_path/libraries/tuskfish/language/english.php and give it the name of your own preferred language. For example, for Thai you would create trust_path/libraries/tuskfish/language/thai.php.
  • Translate all the English phrases into your own language.
  • Add the new language to listLanguages() in trust_path/libraries/tuskfish/class/Tfish/Traits/Language.php:
public function listLanguages(): array
    return [
        "en" => "English",
        "th" => "Thai",

The new language will appear as an option in Admin => Settings => Preferences => Edit => Default languag. Selecting it will convert your site interface.

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