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Password reset (v2)

You can change your password by clicking on the 'Password' link in the admin section of Tuskfish. You must be logged in to access this page. Unlike most other systems, Tuskfish does not allow passwords to be reset via email, as this is a horrible security risk. So if you lose your password:

  • Download a local copy of Tuskfish and run the installer to generate a new password hash.
  • Open the database with DB Browser for SQLite.
  • Copy the password hash from the user table => password field.
  • Download your production database and copy the new hash into the user table => password field.
  • Re-upload your production database.
  • Ensure the database permissions are set to 0600 (read/write by owner, only).

In Tuskfish v2.0.4+ a user management system is available to the site Administrator, which may be used to reset the passwords of Editors.

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