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Alternatives to Bootstrap (v2)

Tuskfish ships with the mainstream Bootstrap presentation framework, which is used to define a layout grid and style the front end. However, there are plenty of alternative presentation frameworks out there. If you want to use something else or cook up your own, you can, with a little bit of work.

Basically what you need to do is to edit the HTML templates as follows:

  • Edit layout.html. Remove the link to Bootstrap in the <head> section, because you don't need it anymore. Add a link to your preferred framework, which you can either add to the vendor directory if you wish to serve it locally, or link to a copy served from a CDN network.
  • Remove the Bootstrap CSS classes from theme.html and all other templates in the relevant theme directories (you can leave any non-Bootstrap classes that are defined in style.css, if you want). Note that this will also remove the Bootstrap layout grid.
  • Insert the relevant CSS grid and styling classes from your preferred alternative presentation framework.

That's it. If you also want to run an alternative presentation framework on the back end of Tuskfish, then you need to adapt the admin and signin themes as well.

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