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Tuskfish v2.0.3 released

Tuskfish 2.0.3 brings compatibility with PHP 8.1, so if you want to wring the last few milliseconds of performance out of your site, use this version. Download it here:

New features:

  • PHP 8.1 compatibility.
  • Support for embedding external Youtube videos via link (you could change the template to support other players if you want).
  • Added sitemap generation function to Settings.
  • Added a 'minimum views' preference (before displaying the view counter).
  • Added live character counter to meta description field, so you can see when you are approaching Google's 160 character soft limit.


  • Updated third-party libraries to contemporary stable versions.
  • Updated templates to Bootstrap 5 compatibility.
  • Fixed occasional 'database locked' error under load.

I recently benchmarked Tuskfish 2 against the (deprecated) Tuskfish 1 with an identical, heavy content load and it runs about 3.5 x faster, with page execution time of around 13 milliseconds on a live server.

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