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Tuskfish CMS V1.1.3 stable

A maintenance release. Further internal refactoring to improve the structure and extensibility, and updates to third party libraries. An XSS vulnerability present in Bootstrap 4.0 has been patched through an update to Bootstrap V4.1.3.


  • Add canonical URL link.
  • Clean up base URL / links on index page (remove unnecessary 'index.php').
  • Use title for image alt tag if no caption is set.
  • Refactor of methods towards smaller logical components and improved compliance with the single responsibility principle.
  • Removal of magic method accessors and mutators in favour of manual getters and setters.
  • Improved error messages to increase clarity.
  • Extended bad login count and retry delay to include 2-factor authentication.
  • Fixes to pagination control.
  • Implement admin side content object controller to clean up the admin script.
  • Fix conversions in content module.
  • Manually set cache limiter in some pages to avoid 'document expired' errors when using the browser back button.
  • Bugfix for taglinks being deleted when a tag is edited.
  • Update to FontAwesome 5.5.
  • Update Bootstrap to V4.1.3 and remove unnecessary files.
  • Remove popper.js library (now bundled in Bootstrap).
  • Update TinyMCE to V4.8.5.

GNU General Public License Version 2.