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Another round of refactoring

I have one more refactor of Tuskfish planned. The goal is to break down some of the more monolithic methods into smaller logical components that are easier to test. This will not involve adding any new functionality and from here on changes will largely focus on refining the structure, simplifying and clarifying the code to make the project more robust and easier to work with.

So I hope that the next minor release will mark the end of the rapid development phase, and transition into long term stability punctuated by minor maintenance releases. Not having to continuously patch your site is one of the key goals of this project.

I do have a side project going, building a Tuskfish interface for managing remote sensors and machines (mainly internet of things devices), and logging data that they send in. This is largely geared towards internet of things stuff, securely logging environmental data collected by remote monitoring stations. This will probably be distributed as an addon for Tuskfish rather than part of the 'core' distribution, at least for the present.

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