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Tuskfish CMS version 1.1.1 stable

A minor refactoring and bugfix release with improvements to strengthen password hashing.


  • Switched to more appropriate password hashing algorithm (bcrypt) and the native hash_password() function.
  • Added 'expiresOn' and 'lastUpdated' to the content object table as hooks for future functionality.
  • Added 'module' as an additional column in the taglinks table to allow taglinks to be filtered by module.
  • Locked user-side gallery to image type objects, rather than returning all images from all object types.
  • Adopted usage of null coalescing operator (PHP 7) to shorten relevant ternary expressions.
  • Renamed TfAngryTree to Tftree.
  • Removed TfSecurityUtility (consolidated into TfUtils).
  • Removed TfCriteriaItemFactory (items are now handled as part of TfCriteriaFactory).
  • Added missing TfBlockHandler.
  • Fixed bug related to search operator in TfSearchContent.
  • Fixed offset bug recently introduced to pagination control.

GNU General Public License Version 2.