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Tuskfish CMS version 1.1 stable

Tuskfish has been substantially refactored to improve its internal structure, and to make it easier to extend. Please note that due to changes in the database schema version 1.1 is not compatible with previous versions.


  • Static methods have been largely eliminated in favour of dependency injection.
  • Some reassignment of methods between classes, to improve single responsibility of classes.
  • Many methods and variables renamed to better indicate function and make code more self-describing.
  • Variables, properties and database columns have been converted to camel case for consistency.
  • Class and method documentation improved.
  • Restored manual type checking in methods to reinforce the strict types directive.
  • Modularised the structure to facilitate development of discrete expansions.
  • Reverted to Bootstrap-fileinput V4.4.7 due to issues with FontAwesome.

GNU General Public License Version 2.