Tuskfish CMS User Manual

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About Tuskfish CMS

Setting up your site

Adding and managing content

Organising content with tags and collections

Themes and templates

Site structure


Advanced topics

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In this collection

Adding an additional admin

Instructions on adding additional administrators to Tuskfish CMS.

Multi sites

Instructions on how to run multiple Tuskfish CMS websites from a single back end code base.

Setting up type-specific index pages

Instructions on how to create index pages for specific content types in Tuskfish CMS.

Creating static pages with custom names

Instructions on how to create static pages with custom names in Tuskfish CMS.

Anatomy of the default theme

An explanation of the file structure and function of the default theme.

How to change the size of images in a template automatically

Instructions on how to automatically re-scale images throughout your site by adjusting template parameters.

Manually editing your SQLite database with PHPLiteAdmin

Instructions on how to manually edit your SQLite database with PHPLiteAdmin.

Error logging and debugging

Instructions on how to enable error logging and debugging modes in Tuskfish CMS.

Backing up your website

Instructions on how to backup Tuskfish CMS.

Translating Tuskfish to another language

Instructions on how to translate the Tuskfish CMS interface to the language of your choice.