Tuskfish CMS User Manual

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About Tuskfish CMS

Setting up your site

Adding and managing content

Organising content with tags and collections

Themes and templates

Site structure


Advanced topics

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In this collection

The cache system

An explanation of how the image and page caching mechanisms work in Tuskfish CMS.

Setting up two-factor authentication

Instructions on how to enable two-factor authentication with Yubikey hardware tokens in Tuskfish CMS.

How the Tuskfish content model actually works

An explanation of the base content model used by Tuskfish CMS and how to extend it.

Themes and templates: Changing the look and feel of your site

Instructions on how to change the look and feel of your site, install, clone and override themes and templates.

About Tuskfish CMS

Tuskfish is a micro content management system. It provides a minimalist yet capable website publishing framework, providing the tools that you need and nothing that you don’t. It is fast, easy to use and simple to maintain. Tuskfish is suitable for publishing blogs, static “brochure” sites, photo galleries, electronic libraries, podcasts or any combination of the above. 

Alternatives to Bootstrap

Instructions on how to use an alternative (non-Bootstrap) presentation framework for Tuskfish CMS.

RSS feeds

Explanation of how to automatically generate RSS feeds in Tuskfish CMS.

Organising content with tags and collections

Instructions on how to organise and curate your content in Tuskfish CMS.

Configuring your site preferences

Instructions on configuring a Tuskfish CMS website.

Logging in to your site

Instructions on how to login to Tuskfish CMS.