RSS feeds

An RSS feed, represented by the TfishRss class, is automatically generated for your site by rss.php. The feed will only include content marked as online and the feed it will not include tags, static pages or blocks. You can exclude other content types or refine the feed content requirements if you wish by adding more conditions to the $criteria; see the file for a working example.

Feeds are also available for tags and collections.

  • In the case of tags, pass in the tagId in the query string, eg.
  • In the case of collections pass in the id of object eg. (This will probably be cut down to ID for consistency in future).

Feeds use the RSS posts preference to control how many items are included in the feed, but you can override the number in rss.php if you want to use something different.

If you don't want feeds just delete rss.php from your website and they are gone.

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Tuskfish CMS Developer Guide

This guide will give you an overview of the architecture of Tuskfish CMS, how to write code to perform common operations and how to extend the system to suit yourself. The guide accompanies the Tuskfish API documentation. Keep a copy handy as you read this guide. It is best to review links to the API where provided, as not every detail will be discussed in the text. This is the first version of the guide, so it is still a work in progress.