Adding an additional admin

If you really feel the need, you can add additional administrators to Tuskfish. Just bear in mind that they will have exactly the same powers that you do. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Edit the password-recovery.php script that is included in the /trust_path/extras/utilities folder. Supply a password for the new admin.
  • Upload the script to a webserver (preferably one that isn't internet-facing) and run it. A password hash will be displayed on screen. Make a copy of it.
  • Open your site's database with phpLiteAdmin (or equivalent).
  • Insert a row in the user table with the details for your new admin; namely their email address (which is their login) and the password hash you got from the recovery script. Set the userGroup as 1.
  • DELETE the password recovery script, immediately.

That's it. Your new admin should now be able to login with their email address and password.

If you are using two-factor (Yubikey) authentication, you can also enter their Yubikey ID (first 12 characters of the key's output) in the yubikeyId field of the user table and they will be able to use that key to login. Each admin needs to have their own Yubikey, they cannot share them as the key ID is used to identify the relevant user record.

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Tuskfish CMS User Manual

The user manual provides a comprehensive guide to Tuskfish CMS operations. It covers all all aspects from installation to adding and curating content, managing site security and customisation of themes. For additional information on how to customise Tuskfish please see the developer guide.