Creating static pages with custom names

You can create a static page with an arbitrary file name, for example a staff directory called 'staff.php':

  • Create a 'static' content item with the data entry form and take note of its ID number.
  • Make a copy of the file trust_path/extras/type_specific_index_pages/staticpage.php, and place it in your site root. Rename it to suit your needs, for example ‘staff.php’.
  • Edit the file. In the configuration section at the top, set the $id to match the content ID number, specify the theme, target file name (if you are using a different index page for your content) and the page title. For example:
////////// CONFIGURATION //////////

// 1. Enter the ID of the content item you want to display on this page.
$id = 10;

// 2. Enter the name of the page you want headings and tags to link back to, without extension.
$targetFileName = 'index';

// 3. Set the page title.
$tfTemplate->pageTitle = "Staff directory";

////////// END CONFIGURATION //////////

Accessing staff.php will now display the content item associated with $id. Note that static content items do not appear in the main site content stream, so you do not need to worry about duplicate content.

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Tuskfish CMS User Manual

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