Translating Tuskfish to another language

At present the default installation of Tuskfish is only available in English (Thai is on the way) but this is easy to fix:

  • Make a copy of the file trust_path/libraries/tuskfish/language/english.php and give it the name of your own preferred language. For example, for Thai you would create trust_path/libraries/tuskfish/language/thai.php.
  • Do the same for the file trust_path/modules/content/language/english.php.
  • Edit both files and translate all the English phrases into your own language.
  • Open the file trust_path/libraries/tuskfish/configuration/config.php and change the TFISH_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE constant to point at your translation, in this example (Thai) it would be:
  • Open the file trust_path/modules/content/tfContentHeader.php and change the following line to point at your translation, eg:


Don’t forget to reset the permissions of config.php to 0400, if necessary.

Your site should now appear in the new language. Please email your translated language file to and I will think about including it in the project (subject to quality checks). Alter the comments at the top of the file to your own name, to be credited for your work.

Copyright, all rights reserved.


Tuskfish CMS User Manual

The user manual provides a comprehensive guide to Tuskfish CMS operations. It covers all all aspects from installation to adding and curating content, managing site security and customisation of themes. For additional information on how to customise Tuskfish please see the developer guide.