Oh and welcome...

I almost forgot to say, welcome to the Tuskfish CMS Project. It's a personal project that I created to solve a number of problems I was having at work revolving around ever-increasing maintenance overheads and ever-decreasing free time. I needed a robust and flexible but low-maintenance solution for web publishing, and here it is.

Tuskfish is not a project that is going to pump out a continuous stream of new features. Rather, I am trying to create a stable and secure platform that you don't need to upgrade continuously. I particularly wanted to get off the "apply this security patch right now or die" treadmill. So, future enhancements to Tuskfish will focus on making it more robust, efficient and extensible, rather than adding more useless bling.

Tuskfish requires a minimum of PHP 7.2 (the current version of PHP at time of release). Going forward, I will maintain compatibility with higher versions of PHP 7 but I will not support versions once they hit end-of-life.

I do have a few side projects in mind (interfacing Tuskfish with the physical world via microcontrollers and distributed sensor networks) but these will be released as 'extras' that you can add on if you find them useful, rather than burdening the core system with more code.

Let's get off the update train and do something useful!